Farewell to Rev. Kenichi Otsu Rev. Kenichi Otsu, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Asian Rural Institute, passed away on the afternoon of June 22nd at Red Cross Hospital in Otawara, Tochigi prefecture, Japan at the age of 73. The cause was acute leukemia. Based on his will, the funeral service will be observed only by his family members. ARI plans to have memorial service in September at ARI.

Rural Leaders:  The Work and Community Impact of Graduates of the Asian Rural Institute

Whether you are new to ARI or a long-time supporter, you may find that explaining ARI – what it is, who it serves, and how it accomplishes its goals – is difficult.  This new book makes such conversations easier.  Through enriching stories and vibrant photographs, it takes the reader on a journey around the world into the homes and communities of ARI graduates, showing how they use what they learned at ARI to effect positive change.

ARI Special Program: “How to Live Peace in Community”

  “The most powerful ways to create peace in community are to realize one’s inner strength and real connection with soul, society, and nature.” We invite you to an extraordinary 5-day intensive program designed to gain new insights, knowledge, values and beliefs about yourself and the surrounding world, so that each person will have the opportunity to learn how to create peace in community. Healing Between Worlds™ welcomes you to a healing and reconciliation process in which you will explore, discover and more deeply understand the inner strength you inherited from your ancestors. Asian Rural Institute provides an exceptionally unique multi-cultural learning environment in Japan. Here you will have a … Read more…

The 44th Commencement Service

With the grace of God, we are happy to announce the Commencement Service of the Asian Rural Institute this year to be held on December 10th, Saturday. We would like to welcome you to join this Commencement Service to encourage participants who will be returning to their countries with what they have learnt and also with a full of hope.   Date: Saturday, December 10th 2016, 13:30 – 15:00 Place: the Asian Rural Institute, Koinonia House *After the service, we will hold a small tea party.   Nearest Station: Nasushiobara Station, Tohoku Shinkansen *We have a bus service from west exit of Nasushiobara Station for Shinkansen arriving at 12:22. 442-1 … Read more…

“My ARI” ARI Community Photo Contest 2016 Summer!!

The first ARI Photo Contest is complete! We received several photographs from ARI community members (participants, volunteers, interns, working visitors, staffs). Their perspective on the daily life of ARI was captured beautifully! Visit our official Facebook page and vote for your favorite picture! ARI Official Facebook Page: “My ARI” Photo Contest 2016 Summer 4 best pictures are selected for 4 different categories: “Best Group shot”, “Best Landscape shot”, “Best Snap shot”, and “Best Supporters’ choice” Best Group Shot “It’s Fun in ARI” by Annie Jane Lagwan (Philippine) Comment from Committee: Happy, cooperative, joyful, good relationship. Those are the words that describe well about this picture. A shot from the community rice … Read more…

The Class of 2016

This year 2016 we have 28 participants from 14 countries (including two Japanese graduate interns, and one training assistant). It is always the goal of ARI to have a 50/50 male-female ratio; however, it is not always possible to achieve this due to conservative and often discriminatory policies of some organizations or societies. The most important point about the international participants is their devotion to their people and their commitment to utilize their training at ARI for the positive development of their home communities. Open PDF: The Class of 2016

Join our “English Farm” Programme 2016!

Invitation to join our “English Farm” Programme. Let’s enjoy learning English and Life with Agriculture! The theme for the coming programme is “LIF E AT (LIFE+EAT)” . It is a 3-day programme of English and Agriculture, especially with pigs as we continue from our last programme. We are going to observe slaughtered pig meat, experience slaughtering, and finally eat delicious fresh pork. We do not usually think deeply about “Life” and “Eating”, but these are the most important things in our lives. Let’s learn together with our pig farm staff Jil. You can also enjoy communicating with participants from 15 different countries during each meal and morning/evening foodlife work. It … Read more…