Graduates from Southeast Asia


Mr. Wesly Lingga – 1993 Graduate, 1999 Training Assistant

Rural Development Action (RDA)

Mr. Lingga is the chief of his village in North Sumatra. In 2000 he founded an NGO called the Rural Development Action (RDA). “We are mainly working for promoting and propagating Organic Farming methods including poultry, goats, and fisheries. The area is about 4.5 hectares in total. We have a training center and we accept trainees for 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year courses. Now one of the agricultural high schools is sending up their students regularly, about ten per year for 6 months for practical ‘learning by doing’ study in the fields.” To date RDA has distributed more than 120 baby goats, 240 piglets, and 6,000 tree seedlings to 110 households in the village. “My dream is to make my village a model for organic farming in the region. I believe that I can realize the ARI spirit in my own village.”


Mr. Donald Paul – 1997 Graduate, 2003 Training Assistant

Akha Baptist Convention

“We established the Practical Field Study Farm in October 2005 with the spirit of helping the poor farmers by means of agriculture. As of yet we are not conducting any official training programs. However, we are proud to share our ideas and experiences with visitors, mostly farmers, whom we receive almost every day. We also provide training within programs conducted by other organizations.

When we started this farm there was just a small house, bushy farmland and a swampy fish pond. Today, you will see poultry sheds with local varieties, a piggery for rearing up to 50 pigs, a compost shed which provides excellent organic fertilizer for growing vegetables, crops, and fruit trees, and a beautiful fish pond. Our vegetable garden has started to produce delicious and safe vegetables which we sell to our consumers through a door to door marketing system. We also collect some vegetable seeds and exchange them with our farmer groups. The fish pond has been renovated, and we stocked four species of fingerlings; common carp, wuchang bream, tilapia, and red eye carp. Our farm is developing as an agricultural center which provides agricultural knowledge, practices, and technologies including seeds and animal breeds to other farmers in the region.”