Notice on the appointment of the new Chairman of the Board of the Asian Rural Institute

ARI Chairman of the Board Dr. Akira Niwa suddenly passed away on June 24 due to a myocardical infarction. Dr. Niwa had served as the Chairman of the Board for two terms (six years) and endeavored to improve ARI’s corporate finances. Furthermore, he actively dealt with the reconstruction of our school’s buildings damaged by the Tohoku Earthquake of March 11 and the radioactive contamination of our soil and agricultural produce caused by the radiation leakage at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster. Until the last moment he worked tirelessly to fulfill his responsibilites. For Dr. Niwa who had expressed his desire to start his third term as Chairman of the Board, his death came right before he could join the first meeting of the new auditors and the newly formed Board, scheduled for June 26.

While responding to this reality with deep sadness the whole Asian Rural Institute wishes to express its gratitude for the work of Dr. Akira Niwa who as a Christian had led a life of loving God and loving people. We pray for God’s consolation for the bereaved family.

We further inform you that ARI director Rev. Kenichi Otsu was appointed as the new chairman at the board meeting held on June 26, serving these two positions at once.