Sep 11 (Sat) “Green Oil Project” information exchange meeting

The Green Oil Project General Corporation is a project that aims to rebuild the local agriculture through the non-agrochemical cultivation of “soy beans, sunflowers and rapeseeds” on farm land contaminated by radiation, the production and wide sales of vegetable oil from these plants, and citizens’ involvement in organic farming, while at the same time it works towards the radioactive decontamination of the Tochigi region.

For this purpose, we propose various undertakings starting with the production and collection of oil crops, oil expression and sales, and the development of technologies and measurements for radioactive decontamination. Presently, the NPO Private Rice Research Center with the coorporation of many local supporters and consumers is already engaged in producing, expressing and selling of such vegetable oil.

Based on this, we invite producers as well as anybody who is interested in this project to join our information sharing event, at which we will also learn about the activities of the Asian Rural Institute, who is a cooperative partner of the Green Oil Project.


Date: August 11 (Sat), 0930 to 1600
Place: Nasu Seminar House at the Asian Rural Institute (Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City)
Fee: JPY 1,000 including lunch and information material (JPY 500 without lunch)
Contact & Registration: Green Oil Project Corporation
Tel & Fax: 0285-37-7366       email: (Mr. Inaba or Mr. Koyama)
Registration Deadline: August 5 (Mon)

For schedule details, please contact us at the above telephone number.