Sep 15 (Sat) Tsunagaru Fleamarket & Book Market

With Café, Fleamarket, Used Book Market, Music Performances

Be invited to the Nasu Seminar House near ARI to a full variety of programs!

The popular Tsunagaru Fleamarket offers toys, traditional handicrafts, clothes, and even pastries and groceries from local producers in a relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy international music performances, while having a cup of Philippine fair trade coffee after you had a delicious meal made from organic food. What’s more, there is a used book drive with thousands of books and a movie screening to make you have a fun day at ARI!


Old Book Market: Our used book drive offers a ride range of genres: Literature, history books, non-fiction, picture books, foreign literature, comics…

Meals: Last time we had cold udon noodles, pork, soy milk latte, rhubarb soda and soy milk pudding on our menu. The next menu will be announced soon.

International Music: The ARI community members will perform songs from their home countries.

Campus Tour: For those who visit ARI for the first time we offer a campus tour on which you can learn about our activities and sustainable lifestyle.

Movie Screening: Details to be announced later.

Biotope Project: The seminar house is running a biotope creation project for kids! Why don’t you have a look?


★★★★★★★★ Sellers wanted! 500 yen for one spot ★★★★★★★★


Time:  11:00-15:00

Place:  Nasu Seminar House

Contact:  tel:0287-36-3111 contact Ms. Sato