Dr. Takami honored with the Alumni Award of Yale Divinity School

Founder of ARI Dr. Toshihiro Takami received the 2012 Alumni Award of the Yale Divinity School, the “William Sloane Coffin ’56 Award for Peace and Justice“, in New Haven on October 24th.

The ceremony took place at a dinner meeting in the Old Refectory of Yale Divinity School in New Haven.  Earlier in the day, among a variety of alumni activities was a panel conversation featuring the honorees. Dr. Takami was accompanied by his close family members and friends.

The award was handed over to Dr. Takami by the Dean of YDS, Gregory E. Sterling. Allie Perry who is lecturer at YDS on pastoral care and a UCC minister at Shalom United Church of Christ in New Haven gave the laudatory speech in front of about 150 attendees. The award’s booklet mentions that the “Coffin Award is given in honor of the life and ministry of William Sloane Coffin, former Chaplain to the University and one of the 20th century’s most significant religious leaders.  The recipient of the Coffin award will be someone who shares Coffin’s passionate and prophetic witness, a courageous devotion to the dignity and worth of all persons, and who has made a notable contribution to the work of peace and reconciliation.”

During the Lunchtime Panels which took place on Thursday,October 25, Dr. Takami mentioned about his wive Shinko’s dedication that made him possible to maintain his health and be present at YDS.