Nov 11 (Fri) to 25 (Mon) “Western Japan Caravan” goes on tour!

Join our ARI talk sessions in Western Japan on
“An Alternative way to live in an age of Globalization?”

We live in a Global world, it’s time to think about another way to live…
( Information about talk sessions being given by graduates from the Asian Rural Institute

Won’t you join us as we think together on this year’s theme, “An Alternative way to live in an age of Globalization?”
We will be joined by Sam, a 2005 graduate from Myanmar and Acivo, a 2000 graduate from Northeast India who will share from their own experiences. The Caravan is a traveling event in which we visit schools, churches and another places in Western Japan. The ARI graduates share unique stories from their life overseas, their work for social improvement in rural areas and make us think about good ways of living together.

Acivo caravan Sam caravan
Ms. Zacivolu Rhakho            Mr. Bya Sa Mu Ye

What is the Caravan?

Caravan2013The Asian Rural Institute is a unique school located in Northern Tochigi on a campus of 6 hectares near the town of Nishinasuno. Through the practice of organic farming, we seek to buiild a community and self sustainability as we train Rural Leaders from Africa and Asia.

During the “Caravan”, ARI members visit dozens of schools, churches and NGOs/NPOs in Western Japan to get in touch with supporters and new friends. ARI graduates will hold talk sessions about their life and work in Asia and Africa. It is a precious opportunity to hear about the real situation of rural people abroad and to find new values during open discussions with local activists. Everybody is welcome to join!

If you have interest in meeting us and learning more please come out to one of the events below!

Event Schedule

【AICHI Prefecture】
November 9th (Sat)

Place: JICA Chubu Seminar room B-1,2
Address: 4-60-7 Hiraike cho, Nakamura ku, Nagoya
Sponsors: Nicuragua group, ARISA TUBE
Participation Fee:500Yen

【NARA Prefecture】
November 14th (Thur)

Place: “Rokkyao Kominka
Address: 448 Rokuyaoncho, Nara City
Participation Fee:1,000Yen(Dinner will be provided using ARI produced food)

【KYOTO Prefecture】
November 18th (Mon)

〈↑↑ Join us for an informal meal and time for discussion!〉
Place: “Bazaar Cafe”
Address: 258 Okamatsucho, Karasuma Imadegawa Jyoru, Kamigyo Ku, Kyoto,
Participation Fee:1000円(Dinner and 1 Drink included)

【HYOGO Prefecture】
November 23rd (Sat)

Place: “Kitano Koubou”
Address: 3-17-1 Yamate Dori, Chuo Ku, Kobe
*Zazen experience and Potluck dinner include
*Please bring a simple dish and a drink
Participation Fee:1000円(Jr High students and younger are free!)

Registration deadline:Nov/16th (Sat) by emailing to the contact email below
Contact E-mail:
Sponsors:Peace & Nature Shop /Tel: 078-778-5291

Other places where gatherings and lectures will be held are as follows

【Schools/ Organiations】
Nov / 11th 【Gifu】 Mitake City Hall Meeting
Nov / 12th 【Gifu】 Ogaki City Christian Lay Members Meeting(Ogaki Church)
Nov / 12th 【Shiga】 Omikyodaisha Gakuen High School (Lecture)
Nov / 13th 【Osaka】 Osaka Women’s College (English Chapel Hour)
Nov / 13th 【Osaka】 Pool Gakuin Jr High/ High School (Chapel Hour)
Nov / 13th, 14th, 15th, 18th ~ 【Kyoto】  Doshisha University (Lectures in classes of following professors:Prof. Hara,、Prof. Koshikawa、Prof. Martha Mensendiek)
Nov / 15th 【Hyogo】 Keimei Gakuin Jr High/ High School(Chapel Hour)
Nov / 16th 【Osaka】 Osaka Women’s College Booth at School Festival
Nov / 16th 【Hyogo】 Tengokuya Cafe (Informal sharing over lunch)
Nov / 19th 【Koichi】 Seiwa Gakuen High School (Chapel Hour, Lecture)
Nov / 19th 【Hyogo】  Kwansei University(Chapel Hour, Lectures)
Nov / 21st 【Hiroshima】 Hiroshima Women’s University(TBA)
(Others are still to be confirmed)

Nov / 10th(Sun) 【Aichi】 (UCCJ)Chukyo Church(CS、Sermon)
Nov / 10th(Sun) 【Aichi】 Nagoya Union Church(Evening Sermon)
Nov / 10th (Sun) 【Aichi】  (Lutheran)Meito Church(Attending Evening worship)
Nov / 13th(Wed) 【Osaka】  (UCCJ)Toyonaka Church(prayer meeting message)
Nov / 13th(Wed) 【Kyoto】  (UCCJ)Doshisha Church(Attending prayer meeting)
Nov / 17th(Sun) 【Nara】  (UCCJ)Hatago Church (Sermon)
Nov / 17th(Sun) 【Hyogo】 (UCCJ)Takarazuka Church(Sermon)
Nov / 17th(Sun) 【Hyogo】  Kobe Union Church(Sermon)
Nov / 17th(Sun) 【Hyogo】 (Lutheran)Takarazuka Church(Evening event)
Nov / 24th(Sun) 【Hyogo】  (UCCJ)Kobe Eiko Church(Attending Worship)
Nov / 24th(Sun) 【Hyogo】  (UCCJ)Koto Church(Sermon)
Nov / 24th(Sun) 【Hyogo】 (UCCJ)Kobe Kumochi Church(Sermon)
(Others are still to be confirmed)

*UCCJ- United Church of Christ in Japan


Ms. Sakuma ( / 0287-36-3111)