Rev. David Mugwanga Luvumu

Rev. David Mugwanga Luvumu

Name:                    Rev. David Mugwanga Luvumu
ARI Name:           David
at ARI:                   2010
Country:               Uganda
Home:                   Mukono Town
Organizations:  Mukuno Diocese of the Church of Uganda (Anglican), Namataba Secondary School (public high school)
Position:              Priest and teacher
Work area:          Mukono District

“I don’t stick to the bible. I impact people through my sermons and teaching.”

David is a gifted talker and story teller. Soft and fluid in his speech, his best way of connecting with people is through his preaching and teaching. He serves as a priest in the Church of Uganda and as a teacher at the Namataba Secondary School where he also takes the opportunity to preach to the children during assembly time. His messages start from the bible, and from there he moves into practical daily life themes such as sanitation, agriculture, and taking care of the environment. Providing advice on how to raise pigs, the importance of food preservation, the uses of rice husk in organic farming; any topic that will better people’s lives is considered important sermon content. He particularly enjoys reaching out to young people “in their formative stages” to “provoke” them to take initiative and be hard-working.

David himself grew up in the country, with his school fees being covered by money earned from the produce his family raised. He started out as a diploma teacher and in 1999 became ordained as a priest. In the same year he was married to his wife, Olive, who is also an ordained priest and teacher at Mukono High School. On their property they grow fruit trees, such as mango, papaya and jackfruit, keep pigs, and they just finished building a large facility for raising chickens. At ARI he came to love the song “We Shall Overcome,” and taught it to the school children. “If you work hard now academically and socially,” he tells them, “you shall achieve great things in the future.”