ARI Special Program: “How to Live Peace in Community”


“The most powerful ways to create peace in community are to realize one’s
inner strength and real connection with soul, society, and nature.”

We invite you to an extraordinary 5-day intensive program designed to gain new insights, knowledge, values and beliefs about yourself and the surrounding world, so that each person will have the opportunity to learn how to create peace in community.

Healing Between Worlds™ welcomes you to a healing and reconciliation process in which you will explore, discover and more deeply understand the inner strength you inherited from your ancestors.
Asian Rural Institute provides an exceptionally unique multi-cultural learning environment in Japan. Here you will have a chance to discover the beauty of simplicity in life through sharing community and experiencing organic farming.
Combining these powerful new experiences together, we invite you to enjoy transforming to the next level where you can become ready to serve as a leader in peacemaking.

Healing Between Worlds (TM)

 Seeds of Wisdom Inherited

As the world is shifting we experience conflicts and challenges all around us. In this gathering, we will introduce Healing Between Worlds™ to explore and experience concepts and tools that reflect the core capacities of peace making. Healing Between Worlds™ is relevant for bridging cross cultural opposites and healing in community.


WindEagle is a co-Founding Director of Healing Between Worlds™. She is a Keeper of ancient wisdom from Mayan and pre-Mayan culture dedicated to peace building, awakening consciousness and healing separation in our world.



Kyoko Seki
Kyoko Seki is a co-Founding Director of Healing Between Worlds™. She is an International coach, facilitator and adviser and is dedicated to awakening people’s hidden talents and bringing diverse cultures together to create peace in our world.


Asian Rural Institute

That We May Live Together

In this special program, ARI provides a unique multi-cultural learning environment for you to explore the next step for a sustainable world. Together with you, we will discover how we can create peace in diverse and dynamic community.
ARI’s motto is “That We May Live Together”.


Takashi Yamashita

Despite the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake, which came the day after I joined, my desire to work for and with ARI did not change. My position as Program Coordinator allows me to connect people with ARI. I have come to understand the importance of connections and I believe that ARI’s concept of “Foodlife” (the connection between Food and Life) contributes to Peace making.


Tomoko Arakawa

She started working at ARI in 1995 and became Director since 2015. Took MA in Rural Sociology at Michigan State University. Besides taking directorship, she has been teaching classes of Servant Leadership and Participatory Learning and Action at ARI.



June 13 – 17, 2018 (4 nights 5 days)

Accommodation (Nasu Seminar House)

Accommodations (for 4 nights) are included in the registration fee. You can choose either a bed or tatami (Japanese style) room on a first-come-first-served basis. The rooms are shared with other participants.

Meals (Koinonia Dining Hall)

Meals from dinner on June 13 to Lunch on June 17 are included. Meals are cooked by ARI members as a part of their leadership training and are all organic. A vegetarian menu is also available. Please inquire.


Fee:¥130,000(Including VAT)

Curriculum fees, lodging for 4 nights, 12 meals,
and all trip fees during the program are included.

Program includes Onsen trip, outdoor cooking, and many more funs!


Please download the file below and fill out the necessary information and send it to Asian Rural Institute via email or FAX. Payment instruction will be informed to you.

Registration form
Registration form


Contact: Jun Yagisawa
TEL: 0287-36-3111
FAX: 0287-37-5833