Makiko Takei

ARI Nickname: Makiko


Graduate of 2017

Training Assistant

“My dream: all people and nature in my community become healthy through practicing organic farming.”

After spending last year as a participant in the ARI training program, I am happy to be returning as a Graduate Intern with the class of 2018.

My goals are: 1) To gain enough knowledge and confidence to share the skills of organic farming; 2) To share about the importance of diversity and the connection with humans and nature through the philosophy of organic farming; 3) To understand about myself.

In the farm section, I’ll improve my skills of farming through working with farm staffs. Also, we will start a GI experimental farm. It’ll be a good opportunity to practice individual learning, like planning, taking action, reflection and sharing the result. The experiment farm will be a place to show visitors about the importance of diversity and the connection between humans and nature.

I’d like to improve my leadership skill and sharing skill through working with volunteers, interns, participants and visitors. Since I became a GI, I’m already feeling I have more responsibility with my behavior and work as a community member. So, I’d like to practice servant leadership with actions. I’d like to use every talent given by God and do everything I can do for people.

I’d like to encourage others to have more time to think about themselves. Especially, for young Japanese volunteers and visitors. I’d like to have a workshop and share my thoughts with them personally.

I want to be a teacher in high school or junior high school to teach about dignity of labor through organic farming and volunteer work at a nursery home for elderly people. In same time, I’ll work as a school nurse. Probably, I’ll take care of students who have some difficulty to adapt to school life. I think it’s very good to have clear future vision. So that, each of my learning will directly connect with my work.