Class of 2018: Eric Ofosu Amoah

ARI Nickname: Eric


Methodist Church Ghana Winneba Diocese

Society Steward (Finance) & Youth Officer

“My aim and vision is to help my fellow men to live a purposeful life by inspiring people to reach their potential in life. I also mentor and nurture my colleagues who did not get the opportunity of attending school or high education to realize and achieve their dream”

Eric is currently a beekeeper with hands-on experience in farming. He currently manages a cocoa farm and hopes to expand his beekeeping business from its current count of 20 hives to about 100 hives in the next three years. Eric is also a cultivator of other staple Ghanaian crops, such as maize, cocoyam, yam, plantain, and many more.

Eric has volunteered for the Winneba Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana for the past 6 years, and is now involved in organizing the youth to get engaged in agriculture and beekeeping. By empowering the youth and equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to make a living in rural areas, he hopes to reduce rural-urban migration.

As a volunteer, Eric assists in the three ongoing agricultural projects of the diocese by going out into the community and checking on the farmers, as well as offering aid and assistance when necessary.

At ARI, Eric hopes to learn modern methods of organic farming and food preservation, especially large-scale commercial crop production. He is excited to share his knowledge on beekeeping, cocoa farming and the rich Ghanaian culture.

The Winneba Diocese of the Methodist Church of Ghana has been a part of the Central Region of Ghana for a long time, tracing its roots all the way back to 835 AD. Though there are a variety of spiritual beliefs in Eric’s home community of Agona Swedru, the diocese is devoted to aiding its people through social services (Health and Sanitation, Agriculture and Environment, Gender and Family Issues) as well as education and youth development (Pre-Tertiary Education, Tertiary Education, Functional Literacy, Youth Ministries). Currently, they have three main projects: Agro-forestry (growing trees for domestic and commercial use), small ruminant raising, and coconut farming.