Class of 2018: Chigira Hasumi


Graduate Intern (2017 ARI Graduate)

“A society where all people can eat safe and clean food, a society where people can live with their own dignity and humanity through organic farming and education aimed at a sustainable society.”

After spending last year as a participant in the ARI training program, I am happy to be returning as a Graduate Intern with the class of 2018. I would like to continue my learning here in ARI to build the foundation for accomplishment of My Dream.

The general goal for this year is the balanced combination of the theory and the practice. The thing that I especially believe it important for this is the circulation of the theory, practice, observation and the recording. Throughout the year, I would like to keep it mind and practice it.


Last year, we graduates got so many opportunities to reflect on what kind of society each of us wants to build in each community in the future. In this process, I was able to deepen my idea of what kind of society I would like to see in the future and how I would like to utilize agriculture as the methods to accomplish the society in My Dream.


I believe that through practicing farming for almost 1 year under the guidance of ARI farm staff, it will help me to know the reality of organic farmers more and to get more diversified viewpoints towards the situation and the problems which Japanese farmers hold in the society. I believe this attitude and the perspective will help me to think of the way of approach to not only the normal Japanese farmers but also to other people.


Above all the things, if I really want to be a farmer, experiencing the works of the farmer is very important. Thus, I would like to put more values on the practice in Crops and Vegetables section this year and deepen my understanding about animal welfare through raising my own pig without castration.