“euodoō” journal of rural future study vol.3

euodoō  vol.3

journal of rural future study

A research paper by Raymond Epp, who runs a farming-based community “Meno-village” in Naganuma-cho, Hokkaido, takes up the recent Japanese legislation on public plant breeding and present deeper analysis of global seed policies. Mr. Kaihei Koshio who is a professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture, contributed two articles. His Japanese essay explores the historical relationship between agriculture, technology, and human spirituality while his English research paper is an eye-opening description of the plant-factory industory. The essay about industrial meat production and animal welfare by 2017 ARI grauate/2018 Graduate Intern Ms. Chigira Hasumi, is based on her own research project in which she tried to raise a pig more humanitarian way at ARI. Furthermore, the essay by Mr. Osamu Arakawa, Manager of Education Department and Farm Manager at ARI, and the ARI graduate Mr. Ardhendu Chatterjee propose a rural future in which those outside of large power structures take ownership of leadership and knowledge. Also includes a dissertation written by Dr. Toshihiro Takami, Honorary President of ARI, who past away in 2018.

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