HTC on Oct. 12 is canceled due to Typhoon 19. HTC will be held on Oct.13

HTC on October 12 (Sat.) has been canceled due to the Typhoon 19. HTC on October 13 (Sun.) will be held as planned.

The events that were to be held on October 12 (Sat) were canceled after receiving confirmation that the Typhoon 19 is drawing closer to the Kanto region and is expected to hit on that day.  In addition to the cancelation of the Saturday activities, please be aware that there is still a possibility that the events on Sunday may be changed as well. For all those who have been looking forward to the HTC events, we appreciate your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Mr. Kentaro Ono's presentation has been canceled due to the typhoon.

Instead, we will present Saturday program “What’s Local Power” by our two graduates.

The next HTC is on October 13 (Sun.), 2019!

At the Asian Rural Institute, we give thanks to God that we are alive and are grateful for all life, so we celebrate a two-day Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration during the rice harvest (the second Saturday and Sunday of October), which usually draws over 1,000 visitors. At this event, we do not only give thanks for the harvest, but also for all of our experiences both good and bad, for our growth as individuals, and for our community.

We have an ecumenical worship service each morning of the celebration and have a special culture show that displays the many talents of our community. We make dishes from various nations using our organic produce, and showcase handicrafts, songs and dance from the students’ countries in stage performances and a fundraising bazaar. These events are designed with the students in mind, and it is a part of their leadership training program at ARI.

We will have special Symposium at HTC!

On the first Saturday, with the theme of “local resources”, a presentation with invited graduates from Indonesia and Myanmar and a panel discussion with colleagues working in the regional Marche. On Sunday, the second day, Mr. Kentaro Ono, an environmental activist who was a high school student studying alone in Kiribati, became Kiribati, and currently appeals to the world about the critical situation of Kiribati due to the effects of climate change. The representative director of Kiribati Association will be a guest speaker and will give presentations. And also Climate change workshop by ARI staff will be held.

Presentation by two ARI graduates: Ms. Ngai (2004) from Myanmar and Mr. Wesley (1999) from Indonesia.

(canceled) "Climate change & Kiribati"

A keynote presentation by Mr. Kentaro Ono, who has been converted to Kiribati and is active as an environmental activist, a live talk with Kiribati graduate, and a workshop on climate change by ARI staff.

Other Programs

This year we will welcome you with a variety of contents, including ramen made exclusively from products from the Asian Rural Institute, handmade international dishes by the participants, and marche, a bazaar, and stage performances.

Harvest Thanksgiving cerebration

Ceremony to thank God for this year's harvest. Last year, students carried out a shrine made of various vegetables. What kind of ceremony will be held this year? You'll see when you come!

ARI Noodle!

Ramen noodle made from only organic ingredients from ARI will be sold in limited quantities by the popular shop “Ramen Fujiwara” in Kamimikawa. Noodles, soup and ingredients are all from the ARI!

International Food!

ARI is a well-known multicultural community. Please enjoy the handmade international cuisine prepared by the ARI members. Of course, we have Japanese food, too!

stage Performance

We have many talented people at ARI. Please enjoy various entertainments in various countries, such as songs, music and dances by members.


Friends of Ohinata Marche are participating. Such as coffee shops, organic vegetable farmers, handicrafts, and bakery items, are there!


This is a bazaar of donated goods delivered by ARI supporters every year. This year, various items such as clothing, bags, daily necessities, and stationery are on sale from ¥ 100.

Game for kids

There is also a handmade game corner for children. Look forward to what kind of corner this year can be done!

Time Table (Sun)

 9:30~  Harvest Thanksgiving Cerebration
11:10~  All the shops and other events start 

shuttle bus (Sun)

 <For ARI> 9:15 AM  Departing from JR Nasushiobara St.
<For JR Nasushiobara St.>  4:00 PM  Departing from ARI 

Parking (Sun)

 Tsukinokizawa Elementary School
You can take our free shuttle bus running every 10 minutes between ARI and Tsukinokizawa Elementary school.

Accommodation available

If you want to spend time at ARI on both Saturday and Sunday, or if you want to arrive even on Friday, you can stay at Nasu Seminar House. It is a cozy dormitory type guest house located nearby ARI.

Nasu Seminar House is a guest house:

Unlike hotels, you need to share the room with others. (Men and women are separated.)  Bathrooms and kitchen are also shared. There are Japanese style “Tatami” rooms and western style bedrooms.  

How to make a reservation:

Please contact the Asian Rural Institute by email or fax. Please include your name, address, age, gender, telephone number, and check-in and check-out date and time.

Contact information:  Nasu Seminar House Coordinator (Yamashita)

Tel: 0287-36-3111 / Email:

HTC Volunteers wanted!

What we’d like assistance with:

Activities assigned to different committees (preparing food from different countries, advertising, set up, reception, parking, event assistance, etc.)

Day-to-day tasks (cleaning up the campus, farm work, making meals, etc.)

How to apply:

Please contact the Asian Rural Institute by email, fax or postcard. Please include your name, address, age, gender, telephone number, and participation period (the date you will arrive at ARI and the date you will leave).

Contact information:  HTC Volunteer Coordinator (Yamashita)

Tel: 0287-36-3111 / Email: