Japanese newsletter “Ajia no Tsuchi”: Report about the current situation of ARI

Japanese newsletter “Ajia no Tsuchi”


With the spread of the Coronavirus, we have heard much concern about how we are conducting our program. Therefore, we have published an extra issue of our Japanese newsletter “Ajia no Tsuchi” to report about the current situation of ARI.

For those who would like to see the extra issue of “Ajia no Tsuchi” newsletter click here:Ajia no Tsuchi April Extra Issue

Contents of the extra issue are as follows:
P1 ・ Current Status Report
      By Tomoko Arakawa (Director of the Asian Rural Institute)
P2 ・ VOICE of Asian Rural Institute’s Residents
      Featuring Zacivolu Rhakho Dozo (FEAST (Meal Service) Staff)
P3 ・ Corresponding to the Coronavirus – Asian Rural Institute’s Infectious Disease Prevention Measures
P4 ・ Policies Regarding On-campus Event Implementation and Visitors
    ・ Read, Learn, and Support the Asian Rural Institute!