Sharing the Blessings of Nature Through Food “Asian Rural Institute Health Sets”

Asian Rural Institute Health Sets
A healthy body starts with a healthy diet.

Agricultural Goods Set, Pork Set, Snack Set
(Limited quantity, shipping included)

Agricultural Goods Set
Pork Set                                                Snack Set

Hello. How are you all?
This year at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) the schedule is very different from usual years, however, the participants are earnestly committed to learning as much as possible in their new environment and are enjoying their life here at ARI.
Even in such a situation, we are thankful every day for the bountiful gifts we receive from our community at ARI by working together using sustainable agriculture practices.
Now, let us all face this difficulty together by sharing food that is the blessing of nature here at the Asian Rural Institute.
The Asian Rural Institute Health Sets, which started in March of this year and were well received, were originally being sold until May 1. However, we have decided to extend sales until May 31 renewing some of the content and price. Furthermore, a Snack Set has been newly added from this time.
If you order 2 sets with the same destination using the same shipping method, the total price will be 6,500 yen (a 500-yen discount).
Please take advantage of this opportunity to try the flavors of ARI!

Health Set Contents:

① Agricultural Goods Set
With this assortment you can enjoy various popular products from ARI.
We are proud of the distinct, delicious flavors of each product.

“Koshihikari” rice that was produced in 2019 in a pesticide-free rice field at ARI.
You can choose from brown rice and white rice.

・Eggs(10 pack)× 1
Fertilized eggs laid by chickens that can run around freely in a floor feeding environment.
As no pigment is added to our chickens’ feed, one distinguishing feature of our eggs is their lemon-yellow colored yolk.

・Aged Soy Sauce (2 years)(360ml)×1
Made using whole soybeans and wheat from ARI.
It has a rich flavor and we recommend as a great paring with rice with eggs. It also goes great in many different cooked dishes.

・Brown Rice Crackers (pack of 10) × 1
Brown rice from ARI is used for the dough and it is seasoned with ARI Soy Sauce.
They are nice and crispy and called “Soka Rice Crackers.”

② Pork Set
An assortment of pork cuts from pigs raised in ARI. The meat is sweet, and the fat has a great flavor.
At ARI, pigs do not rely on imported feed. They eat fermented okara (soybean curd), bread, and other locally resourced ingredients.
Grilled, in soups, in curry… There are so many ways to try cooking it!

・Ground Meat(300g)×1

・Thigh Slices (300g)×1

・Rib Slices(300g)×1

  • It is possible to request 600g of thigh slices instead of 300g for those who want lean cuts of meat. (In this case, please choose if you would prefer rib slices or ground meat to be sent with the thigh slices.)

③ Snack Set
This set includes two popular ARI original cookies, brown rice crackers, rhubarb jam, and a packet of Philippine mountain range coffee which an ARI graduate helps to cultivate.
During this time we are all asked to stay at home, you can treat yourself and enjoy these delicious snacks.

・Whole Grain Cookies (pack of14)
A long-selling product from ARI, and with a low level of sweetness, it can be enjoyed by anyone.
They go great with the rhubarb jam included in this set.

・Brown Sugar Cookies (100g)
The ingredients are simple (flour, fair trade brown sugar, rapeseed oil), but the timeless brown sugar has a gentle taste.

  • You can choose what 3 bags of cookies you would like from the 2 kinds.
    Unless otherwise specified, we will choose which cookies to include.

・Rhubarb Jam (130g)×1
Today, rhubarb is often talked about in the media, but here at ARI we have been cultivating it for over 30 years. Rich in minerals and vitamins, its distinctive feature is its apple-like acidity.

・Brown Rice Crackers (pack of 10) × 1
Brown rice from ARI is used for the dough and it is seasoned with ARI Soy Sauce.
They are a nicely baked, crispy cracker and called “Soka Rice Crackers.”

・Philippine Mountain Coffee(100g)×1
It is an Arabica variety with a rich fragrance. You can enjoy the delicious taste as iced coffee or cafe au lait.

【Order Deadline】
May 31st, 2020(Sun.)
① Agricultural Goods Set
② Pork Set
③ Snack Set
3500 yen each (tax and postage included)
【Delivery Method】
Items ① and ③ will be delivered by Yu-Pack, and items ② will be delivered by Yamato Frozen.
Please let us know if you have a desired arrival date and time.
* If you order two sets with the same destination and the same delivery method, the total price will be 6,500 yen (a 500-yen discount).
【Payment method】
Please pay using the post office payment form enclosed with the product or by bank transfer.
【Supporter Discount】
If you are an ARI supporter, please be sure to inform us when ordering.
What is the ARI Supporter? Check out the following link to find out more
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Orders / Inquiries
If you would like to place an order, please fill in your name, address, telephone number, and desired Health Set, and place your order via the following email address.
If you do not have a preference, the cookies in Health Set ③ will be 1pack of whole grain flour cookies and 2 packs of brown sugar cookies. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
ARI Sales Department :

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Tochigi-ken. Nasushiobara-shi
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