ARI’s 48th Opening Ceremony

The 48th Opening Ceremony was held at ARI on Friday, May 1st, with only ARI community members (students, staff, and volunteers) in attendance.

Unlike usual years, due to the influence of COVID19, we were only able to hold a small Opening Ceremony. However, after a lot of preparation and effort, the 2020 participants were able to give their self-introductions in Japanese. They also shared about their strong desires to learn as much as they can at ARI. Every day the participants are doing everything they can to make the most out of the time they have here at the institute.

All the members of the ARI community are looking forward to seeing everyone here at ARI again soon.

The Asian Rural Institute has been financially affected by the spread of COVID19. To help continue the Rural Leaders Training Program for participants from Asia and Africa, we ask for your continued support.