Schedule for the 48th HTC (Reservation Required)

48th Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration


Finally, our 48th Annual Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration (HTC) is this weekend!

This year HTC is divided into morning and afternoon sessions and is limited to those who made reservations. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

Unfortunately, we have reached the maximum number of reservations and are no longer accepting new reservations. For those who were not able to reserve, we are looking forward to seeing you next year.


The following is the schedule for HTC.

Please note, this year HTC will not be open to the public on the 11th (Sun).


Schedule for Saturday, October 10, 2020:


Morning Session

9:30     Harvest Thanksgiving Service (KOINONIA)

10:30   Shops, Food Court open, Performance Program starts

Afternoon Session

13:00     Shops, Food Court open, Performance Program starts

14:45     Harvest Thanksgiving Service (KOINONIA)


Event Information:

  • Dialogue with Participants
  • 11:00~11:20 Joshua (Ghana) & Thanh (Vietnam)
    13:40 ~14:00 Dozo (India) & Celestine (Kenya)
    (As a countermeasure against COVID19, this event is limited to 6 guests for each AM/PM session. Please sign up in the conference room to claim a spot.)

  • Special Exhibition
  • Introduction of the participants
    Learnings of the participants & Life at ARI
    History of ARI with photos

  • Goat feeding Experience@Goat Garden
  • Feeding cute ARI goats (in the case of rain, this event will be canceled)

  • ARISA Bazaar and Shops
  • ARISA, ARI Supporters Association’s Bazaar sells many items from donors for fundraising. We sell food products made from ARIʼs farm produce, such as cookies and soy sauce. There are HTC T-shirts, too!


Performance Program:

10:30 Minngos (Gospel Choir)

10:45 Nagaland Indigenous Song “Li”

10:52 Oceans (Zumba Dance)

11:09 Maple Pancake (Japanese modern Folk Song)

11:14 Ukulele Special Served by Ramon

11:26 Masa Farmers Band

11:35 Life at ARI by 2020 Participants


13:00 Ajiatei Momoko Yuta Kai (Japanese Story Telling)

13:33 ARI Wind Orchestra

13:55 Friendship (Filipino Duo Playing Old Tunes)

14:01 Enka by Indonesian Participant (Japanese Old Song)

14:06 Jerusalema (Line Dance)

14:16 Minngos (Gospel Choir)

14:32 Soran Bushi ARI style (Japanese Fisherman Dance)