ARI Webinars!

Join an ARI Webinar!

“Connect with Nature, Connect with People, Change the Future.

”Throughout November we will be holding webinars featuring ARI staff and Japanese participants and Graduate Intern (GI) who are currently studying at ARI! 

Are you interested in being a Japanese participant? Do you want to know more about ARI, or topics such as organic farming? Anyone is welcome to participate!

Please take this opportunity to join us and learn more about ARI!

Webinar Contents:
・ Learn about ARI’s curriculum
・ Hear first-hand about daily life at ARI, “What is the lifestyle like? What language do you speak? What kind of food do you eat?”
・ Hear the stories of Japanese participants, “Why did you decide to study at ARI? Who is a Graduate Intern?”
・ Q&A Time, “Ask your questions about ARI to the Japanese participants and GI!”

Date and Time:
1st Session – November 14th (Sat) 10:00-11:00
2nd Session – November 16th (Mon) 19:30-20:30
3rd Session – November 26th (Thu) 19:30-20: 30

Participation Fee: Free!

How to a Webinar:
We will be using the online conferencing tool Zoom.
You can join us from the QR code or by clicking the appropriate URL when it is time for the event to begin.

We have prepared a pre-questionnaire to find out what topics you would like to know more about. Please fill out the questionnaire to let us know your interests! (Japanese only)
Click here for the pre-questionnaire: Webinar Survey

Webinar QR Codes