December News


As we begin to welcome the winter season here at ARI, we would like to share two important announcements.

We will not be accepting working visitors starting from December 1st.

Considering the severe effects of COVID-19, from December 1st we are going to stop accepting working visitors.
Participants will be going back to their home countries from mid-December. We ask for your understanding as it is very important for the participants to leave Japan safely to return to their communities and begin sharing what they learned at ARI.
We will start accepting visitors again from January 1st.

Participants’ Final Presentations for the 2020 school year are being held.

Every year, participants give a final presentation about their learning throughout the 9 months of training in ARI.
This year, we are going to be showing their presentations online!
Please come join us for the opportunity to learn together from the participants’ sharing!

2020 Final Presentation Schedule:
December 1st (Tue.) 13:50-15:00
December 2nd (Wed.) 13:30-14:45
December 3rd (Thu.) 13:30-14:45

You can watch from the official ARI Facebook page !


The Asian Rural Institute has been financially affected by the spread of COVID19. To help continue the Rural Leader Training Program for participants from Asia and Africa, we ask for your continued support.