Thet Paing Aung

ARI Nickname: Thet Paing Myanmer Pwo Karen Baptist Conference, Myanmar Baptist Convention, MBC Project coordinator / Church and community mobilization program “It is sure that I was born in rural community and my family are earning with planting paddy field. I feel honor that I came from the farmer family because farmers are the main supporters of food resources in our country.” Born into a family of poor but honorable farmers, Thet doesn’t just understand the struggles of the people he serves: he has lived them. Now a coordinator for the Pwo Karin Baptist Conference, his goal is to foster a social environment in which his community can prosper. To … Read more…

Lar Dar Wi

ARI Nickname: Lar Myanmer Shweli Shan Baptist Convention, SSBC Project Directer / Pastor “I remember one of my childhood experiences in family table. When I eat the food sometimes the food fell down the table. My father always reminds that the farmers plant the paddy field and it is not easy to get even a seed of rice.” Lar comes from a community in the northern reaches of Shan State. The community is very diverse, consisting of many cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. Lar works amidst this gathering of humanity as director for the Shweli Shan Baptist Convention’s Christian Social Services and Development Department, which strives to improve the livelihoods … Read more…

U Htilo Elijah Modu

Though Htilo’s home and family are in the town of Loikaw, he spends most of his time up in the mountain village of Shin Phyu Tang, where he manages a 1,000 acre farm, owned by the Catholic Church. The farm’s main crop has long been fruits such as oranges, apples, mangos, jackfruit, bananas, and pineapple, but Htilo is slowly moving over to tea, cardamom, jackol beans, and pine trees, as he feels the soil and climate conditions are better suited to these…..

Naw Lee Myar

As the director for the Christian Social Service and Development Department (CSSDD) in the Kayah Hpu Baptist Association, Myar organizes training and awareness programs for community and women’s groups in areas such as water and sanitation, maternal child health, women’s empowerment, and malaria prevention, coordinating with the many international NGOs that have recently come into Kayah State……

Bya Myar

Bya works in the Kay Htoe Boe Social Development Association which serves 100 Kay Htoe Boe villages in Kayah state, villages recognizable by their tall ceremonial poles called Tobo. The Kay Htoe Boe are a group within Kayah State that identify themselves according to their tradition of animist cultural practices that dates back thousands of years…..

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