ARI evaluates its training program, supported by Fetzer Institute

2013 marks the 40th anniversary of our ARI Rural Leaders Training Program, and we would like to use this opportunity to better understand how our Graduates have impacted their home communities over the years. With the generous support from the Fetzer Institute, we have initiated a long term project to analyze the training based on the participants’ and graduates’ experiences. Our goal is also to know more about what has been most and least useful to ARI Graduates and their communities around the world. ARI is asking Graduates and Sending Bodies to complete a short survey to gain a balanced understanding of the impact of the training on ARI Graduates, … Read more…

“Transformation at the Grassroots” ARI celebrates 40th anniversary with international rural leaders

Last Monday, September 16th, ARI celebrated its 40th anniversary with a ceremony and symposium. The anniversary theme is “Transformation at the Grassroots: 40 Years of Walking with Rural Leaders,” and serves as a guideline to reflect on the experiences of the graduates who underwent ARI leadership training as well as ARI’s mission to promote rural community development for marginalized people across the world. The morning ceremony was attended by around 280 people, including regular ARI community members and ca. 60 graduates from overseas and Japan. About 140 supporters and guests visited from the outside, despite the stormy weather caused by typhoon Man-yi. Rev. Kenichi Otsu, director of ARI, extended his … Read more…

Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration 2018

One World, One Love Every year, at the Asian Rural Institute we give thanks for life and the work that sustains life and celebrate the gift of harvest in an event called Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration (HTC). We invite everybody to join our HTC weekend as we celebrate with people from 20 different nations! There will be meals and snacks from Africa, Asia, America and Europe, as well as music and dance shows, games and other fun activities on our campus. Please come and join the ARI participants, volunteers and staff! Where and When? [place] Asian Rural Institute Campus (329-2703. Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinokizawa 442-1) [date]  October 13 (Sat) to 14 … Read more…

New men’s dormitory completed

A new men’s dormitory for participants, volunteers and staff members was completed on the ARI campus last Thursday. The new construction is part of the rebuilding efforts of ARI, after the March 11, 2011 earthquake disaster. The new dormitory is divided into two parts. One big building is for training participants, volunteers and working visitors, a smaller one is meant for on-campus staff, couples and special guests. Vastly improved from the previous dormitory, the new constructions include new features such as solar panels for hot water and floor heating, special windows for better insulation, more storage and a communal room. Funding for the dormitory was mainly provided by the kind … Read more…

June 15 – 16, Old Books & Clothes Market

Our popular old books drive continues combined with a used clothes market! As for books, we have novels, non-fiction, art books, foreign language books, comics and more. In the clothes section you will find skirts, shirts, children’s wear and other super-cheap items. Please drop by with your friends and family! All revenue will go to our training participants’ scholarship fund. Where and when? [place] Nasu Seminar House (329-2703. Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinokizawa 420-22) [date]  June 15 (Sat) to 16 (Sun) [time] 11am to 6pm [contact] Mr. Yamashita ( / 0287-36-3111)

Former missionary Susan Adams passed away.

We heard with sadness that Susan Adams passed away on March 17 this year. Susan (born 1938) served ARI as an American missionary from 2004 to 2007. Many people were comforted and encouraged by her loving spirit, and the connection which she maintained with ARI even after she returned to the US. We remember her as a spiritual leader with a great smile and big heart. Our condolences go to the family members.

April 4 (Sat), The 41st Opening Ceremony

We are pleased to invite everyone who is interested to visit the Opening Ceremony of our 2013 rural leaders training class. This year, we await 31 participants from 16 different countries. Please join us as they introduce themselves and pray for a successful training program. Date: April 13, 2013 (Sat) Time: From 13:30 Place: New Koinonia Hall After the ceremony there will be a tea party in the same hall. If you arrive at a JR station you might want to make use of our pick-up bus 12:45 from Nasushiobara station West exit 12:50 from Nishinasuno station East exit We will provide a return bus from 16:00 from ARI.

March 16 – 20, Old Book Market & minicafé

We are organizing an Old Book Market event at the Nasu Seminar House. Hundreds of novels, non-fiction, art books, foreign language books are waiting for new owners. Why don’t you drop by and spend a relaxed day, reading in our minicafé? Where and when? [place] Nasu Seminar House (329-2703. Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara City, Tsukinokizawa 420-22) [date] March 16 (Sat) to 20 (Wed) [time] 11am to 6pm [contact] Mr. Yamashita ( / 0287-36-3111)