Video about ARI’s activities by the Episcopal News Service

The Episcopal Church in the United States has produced a video on ARI’s mission and activities. It was shot by a video team of their news service last year and shows the class of 2012. Through the Episcopal Relief & Development and the United Thank Offering, the Church has been supporting ARI from before and has especially contributed to disaster relief. They also send young volunteers who dedicate a year of service to ARI.  

What is development?

Gilbert Hoggang is a trained veterinarian and has been on staff at ARI since 2008. He prefers to go by “Jil” and his main duty is to manage the pig section, but as is the case of all ARI staff, he contributes in many diverse ways to the community and to the training program as a whole. He is of the Ayangan Tribe of the Ifugao Indigenous Peoples of Luzon Island in the Philippines and he first came to ARI as a participant in 2004. Gilbert’s home village was relocated by the Philippine government due to the construction of a hydro-electric dam. The government began negotiations with the elders of … Read more…

2012 Carrot Juice on sale! (350ml)

JPY 350 / 1 bottle JPY 4,200 / 1 packet (12 bottles) We are happy to announce the comeback of a very popular product: ARI carrot juice! Made from organically grown carrots harvested this November this juice is blended with some apple juice and plum extract giving it a sweet, easy to drink flavor. We now accept domestic orders. Shipping Charge ① 1 – 12 Bottles (1 Packet) / ② Two packets and more [Tôhoku, Kantô Kôshin’etsu, Tôkai, Chûbu Region] ① JPY 640   ② JPY 1,060 [Kinki Region] ① JPY 740  ② JPY 1,160 [Hokkaidô, Kyûshû, Okinawa Region] ① JPY 960/Packet ② JPY 1,500

Announcement for the 40th Commencement Service

As the 2012 Rural Leaders Training Program is soon coming to an end the Asian Rural Institute would like to invite you to take part in the Commencement Service (graduation ceremony) of the 27 participants who have been under training since April. The graduates will return to their home countries very soon after the ceremony. For everyone who has supported them in various ways throughout the year, as well as visitors, work campers and other friends of ARI, this will be the last chance to meet all class members as one group. We would be happy to see receive you. Date and Time: December 8, 2012, from 01:30pm to 03:00pm … Read more…