Tsunagaru Events

Due to the unexpected circumstances which have arisen around the Novel Coronavirus, we have decided that we will not be receiving visitors at ARI until the end of May. ARI is scheduled to resume taking in new visitors from June.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation at this time.

“Tsunagaru” is a Japanese word that means “connecting”. At the Asian Rural Institute, we have many kinds of relationship building events to connect with people from the local area and Japan.

We plan our Tsunagaru events to give the community a chance to discover, learn, and communicate with us. With so many different ways of thought, ways of life, and things and skills we possess, there are many kinds of opportunities available. We look forward to you joining us and building connections through flea markets and used books drives, seminars, food, music, and more!


Tsunagaru Used Book MARKET

Takes place every year on the third Saturday of March at the Nasu Seminar House.

Why not spend an early spring day at the Asian Rural Institute? Find the book of your choice at the used book sale, take a breather, and enjoy some tasty coffee.

Proceeds from the Tsunagaru Used Book Market go towards scholarships for Rural Leaders.

Contact information:  Used Book Market Coordinator (Yamashita)
Tel: 0287-36-3111 / Email: nsh@ari-edu.org


Tsunagaru Flea Market

Takes place every year on the third Saturdays of June and September at the Nasu Seminar House

The next Tsunagaru Fleamarket is scheduled for June 16 (Sat)!

“I don’t use it anymore, but throwing it away is such a waste… I’d rather sell it as a handicraft or use it for cooking, or so much else…”

Why don’t we compile all of our local “wasted things”? In addition to the Flea Market, a little café and the Used Book Market will also be open!

Now recruiting vendors! Venue fee:  1 stall, 500 yen per day.

Contact information:  Flea Market Coordinator (Sato)
Tel: 0287-36-3111 / Email: info@ari-edu.org


Tsunagaru Weekend Program

Takes place every year on long weekends in February, May, and September 

“During my long weekend, I want to get in touch with the soil and be in a multicultural environment. I want to learn something with everyone, speak English, and experience what it’s like to live self-sufficiently.”

Does this sound like you?

At the Asian Rural Institute, we offer weekend programs for people to experience ARI for a couple days. The theme changes every year. In addition to learning things about that theme, program participants experience a self-sufficient lifestyle by taking part in the daily farm work (the Foodlife at ARI), and interact with the Rural Leaders.

Past themes:

2010: “Living in Connections”
2011: “Rebuild!”
2012: “Junkan – Living within the Cycle of Life”

Contact information: Weekend Program Coordinator (Yamashita)
Tel:  0287-36-3111 / Email: nsh@ari-edu.org


Tsunagaru Western Japan Caravan

Takes place every year, around November

The Western Japan Caravan visits various places in Western Japan (Shiga, Gifu, Aichi, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, etc.) to report on ARI’s activities, tell stories about the graduates, give lectures and talk sessions, give messages at worship services, and more.

For those of you in Western Japan, please feel free to contact us if you are interested in hosting one of these events for your group.

Contact information: Western Japan Caravan Coordinator (Sakuma)
Tel: 0287-36-0936 / Email: arisa@ari-edu.org