Study Tours

Each year, about 30 Rural Leaders graduate and head off into the world. By 2016, we’ve had more than 1,200 graduates. After they finish their studies at the Asian Rural Institute and return to their home countries, what kinds of realities do they face, and what kinds of things have they been doing? Each year, we select a country to go visit our graduates in and see what they have been up to.

Previous trips:

2008: Indonesia

2010: Myanmar

2012: Cambodia

2014: Nepal

2016: Thailand & Laos

2018: Phillipines

Participants’ Impressions


“I was able to see and feel for myself how they put what they learned at ARI into practice. I’m also glad I was able to learn a bit about the history there and witness many different parts of their lives. I got to play with the local children and enjoy a homestay, and it showed me the appeal of ARI.”

(M.S., 2012)

“When I saw the graduates blazing new paths with their work, I saw in them the hope people hold for Cambodia. Through my homestay, I got to experience rural life in Cambodia, and it was wonderful to be welcomed by a large family. I also learned a lot from all of the participants.”

(C.I., 2012)

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