Working Visitors

Due to the unexpected circumstances which have arisen around the Novel Coronavirus, it was decided to temporarily stop receiving visitors until February 7th.

Working visitors are individuals who volunteer at Asian Rural Institute for one day to 60 days and take an active part in the community. Working visitors are assigned to a working section, just like volunteers and help with Foodlife work twice a day. Individuals or groups that come as working visitors sometimes stay in the dormitories if there is room, or may stay in the nearby Seminar House.

This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about their world, their food and their personal identity. Working visitors often get a chance to learn something new and feel more connected to their fellow human beings. Participants also gain a wonderful chance to exchange fellowship and make new friends while working together.

Please contact us for more information about visiting:


One meal costs 600 JPY per person. (500 JPY for students [13yr-old and over], 300 JPY for age 5 to 12, no charge for age under 5)


Beds may be available for your stay at the campus dormitories, where the participants and volunteers also stay. Men and women are housed in separate dormitories and are double occupancy. The expenses to stay in the dorm depends on how long you wish stay.


Price(including accommodate and meals)

General Student
1 week JPY 30,000 JPY 25,000
2 weeks JPY 50,000 JPY 40,000
15 to 20 nights JPY 60,000 JPY 50,000
21 to 30 nights JPY 70,000 JPY 60,000

Personal items you need to bring

□Insurance card (Domestic/International) □Volunteer Insurance (optional) □Work wear(long-sleeve shirts and trousers)※please cover whole thing to prevent from insect’s bite
□Work gloves □Rubber boots □Rain wear □Hat □Water bottle □Towels □Hair dryer (optional)
□Soap Shampoo(please avoid synthetic and surfactant)
□Personal medicines □2 pairs of slippers (if you stay more than 7 days)
□Any other things you need for your personal needs

Arrival time and Meeting place

Check-in   14:00   Please come to the office on the 1st floor of admin building. Sorry, you can not check-in on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays.

Check-out  11:00  (You can not check out on Sunday.)


ARI is attempting to keep ecologically healthy environment around campus. That’s why we avoid using Surfactant soaps. We don’t have air-conditioning in dorm rooms. Sorry for the inconveniences but I hope you would understand.

How to apply

Please apply to