Foodlife is a special word used at ARI to express the reality that food and life cannot be separated; both depend upon each other. God has given us the gift of nature so that we can sustain our lives by making food. Human beings cannot survive without food, so we work to sustain life through a healthy relationship with nature. At ARI we are making an effort to create Foodlife in which the soil becomes richer as we produce food, and human relationships become more beautiful.

It is a joyful experience for community members when we can produce food through our labor in the morning and evening and gather in the Koinonia dining hall for meals, the center of our life. We give thanks to God and to the people who labor to produce and prepare our food. Whenever we have a meal, we can experience the blessings of God and the heart of the community.

Meals are essential to the life of human beings. Their preparation and sharing reflects our quality of life. Meals at ARI not only meet our physical needs, they are also times for us to celebrate as members of God’s creation, an occasion of joy and thanksgiving.

ARI Foodlife involves activities such as producing, processing, cooking and eating food and sharing with others. It provides learning opportunities to deepen our understanding of organic farming, the importance of food, the dignity of labor and the necessity of food self-sufficiency for people’s self-reliance.

“Let us build a world where human life and
the food to sustain it have significant value.”

 Rev. Dr. Takami– Founder of ARI


Foodlife Work

“Foodlife Work” lies at the core of the ARI community and is an integral part of the Rural Leaders Training Program. All the ARI community takes part in daily chores required to maintain a farm.  ARI Foodlife Work is about understanding the connection between life and the food that sustains life.  This daily farm work allows us to participate closely in the whole cycle of food production and consumption; including, sowing seeds, raising both crops and livestock, harvesting & butchering, cooking, eating together as a community, washing the dishes and using the leftovers for compost or animal feed.   By consciously reflecting on this cycle and the role that food plays in our lives we rediscover the true value of food.  We recognize the importance of food produced sustainably, the dignity of labor and the necessity of food self-sufficiency for the self-reliance of people.  Through our combined efforts we produce most of the food consumed at ARI.