Class of 2019


Since all of ‘students’ in the program are adults, and have demonstrated themselves as leaders in their community, ARI prefers the term ‘participant,’ rather than ‘student’ or ‘trainee.’ ARI actively recruits people from the most marginalized rural communities from countries in Asia and Africa. Some examples include tribal peoples, minorities, and those oppressed by the caste system. Each year there are about 25 – 30 participants in the program, from 14 -16 different countries.

This year 2019 we have 25 participants from 15 countries (including one training assistant). It is always the goal of ARI to have a 50/50 male-female ratio; however, it is not always possible to achieve this due to conservative and often discriminatory policies of some organizations or societies. The most important point about the international participants is their devotion to their people and their commitment to utilize their training at ARI for the positive development of their home communities.

Open PDF: The Class of 2019 Photo Roster

ARI proudly presents this short movie about the class of 2019, created by our German volunteer Jannis Shneider! By interviewing all the participants of this year and capturing the scenes from daily life at ARI, Jannis beautifully composed a story that depicts the passion and high motivation of Rural Leaders. Please don’t miss it!
Thank you for Jannis Schneider for his great contribution!