How to apply

Step 1: Approval of the organization as a Sending Body

Anyone interested in taking part in the ARI Rural Leaders Training Program must be employed or actively involved in an organization that will serve as her/his Sending Body (SB). The organization may be an international, national or local NGO, religious organization, or other organization based in a rural area, with a clear history of working for at least 3 years with marginalized people in the local community, and a commitment toward self-sustainability.

ARI does NOT promote church planting evangelism, large-scale agriculture and industrial development, and will not consider organizations with these goals. Single church organizations should apply through their regional association or Diocesan authority. Government offices or departments are normally not considered as SBs. Exceptions are made for countries without NGOs or church organizations.

ARI views SBs as partners toward a common mission.In order to form a productive relationship, it is essential to begin with a mutual understanding of each other’s work and mission.

If you are interested in sending a representative from your organization, please submit the following information to ARI by email:

(1)  Organization Profile
(2)  Detailed answers to the “Six Questions” (below)
(3)  Informational materials about your organization, such as brochures, annual reports, and project descriptions
(4)  Financial statements, such as recent details of income, expenditures, assets, liabilities, and capital
(5)  Organization Chart listing the names and positions of your organization’s officers, management, staff, and volunteers, in order of responsibility

You may send items (1) – (5) to ARI via:
e-mail: or
fax: +81-287-37-5833 or if no email, please send by post.
post: Asian Rural Institute | 442-1 Tsukinokizawa, Nasushiobara | Tochigi 329-2703 | JAPAN

Coordinator Mr. Micah Anderson

The deadline to submit these documents is July 1 of each year.

The Six Questions

1) How did you learn about the ARI Training Program and why are you interested in it? Do you know any ARI graduates? Please tell us their names and how you know them.
2) Please describe in detail the community and the people that you are serving. Where exactly does your organization operate? Who are the people you are serving? Describe the cultural, historical and environmental situations of your community.
3) Please provide a brief history of your organization. Include how and why it began. What is the mission of your organization?
4) Provide detailed descriptions of 3 projects or activites that your organization has completed or is currently carrying out. Choose both successful and unsuccessful projects and provide reasons you feel your projects succeeded or failed. Within your descriptions include the project goals, target people, activities, duration, challenges, results and reasons for success or shortfalls.
5) Tell us about the applicant. Please provide the name, work status (full time, part time, volunteer, # of hours each week, how long worked with organization) and work activities of the person you would like to send to ARI. Explain why you feel she/he is suitable for ARI training.
6) Describe your future plan concerning the applicant. What will she/he do when returning to the organization after ARI training? Specifically, how will the ARI training be utilized?

7) Map of your region showing work areas and office location.

Step 2: Submission of the individual’s application

ARI will carefully review the materials sent by the organization. If the information received is not sufficient, we may ask you some additional questions. The process may take a few weeks or even longer.

Upon approval of your organization as a Sending Body, we will send you an official ARI Application Form for the individual applicant. This application is to be filled out by the individual applicant. The deadline for submission of this application together with all supporting materials is May 31st. Screening is carried out by ARI in September and you will be notified of the results in October. The training program begins in April the following year.


You can find the above instructions in our Admissions Brochure (click here to download the PDF).

Travel Grants for Participants

Any sending body from a country with a connection with a church that is a member of the World Council of Churches (the WCC has over 330 member churches) may be eligible for a travel grant. Review information on the Scholarship page of the WCC website and submit an application before June 30. This may allow the participant to receive a full travel grant.

For more information on the WCC scholarship, please visit their page: WCC Scholarships