Rural Leaders

ARI emphasizes the training of rural leaders.  The power structure of virtually all nations exists in the urban area, often leaving rural areas underrepresented and marginalized.  However, it is the rural communities that provide the lifeblood, literally the ‘bread and butter’ or in most cases, the rice, to the nation.  Only through healthy, inspired, and organized leadership, can rural communities become more prosperous and influential, and their importance be recognized and supported by the powers in government and business.

“We are investing in persons who will dedicate their whole life to sustain life for the future. I think it’s a valid investment, and a lasting investment, in persons who will work as leaders for the people”

Rev. Dr. Takami– Founder of ARI

Who is a Rural Leader?

ARI recruits grassroots Rural Leaders, both women and men, who are living and working with their people in their rural communities.  We seek out local leadership who have demonstrated through their actions their commitment to serve their people and act as conduits for positive change within their own communities.

We place emphasis on reaching the most marginalized, poor, and oppressed peoples, especially women, tribal minorities, and those of low castes or so-called untouchables.  We welcome those of any faith, race, class, or profession as long as they share ARI’s vision and pledge to return home straight away to work together with their people.  In the past we have trained clergy and church leaders, agricultural trainers, community and village leaders, staff of farmers’ cooperatives, NGO personnel, teachers, orphanage staff and many more.

We make a special effort to recruit women and men in equal numbers. It is always the goal of ARI to have a 50/50 ratio of women and men; however, achieving this goal presents many challenges due to conservative and sometimes discriminatory policies of many societies.