Oct 13 (Sat) & 14 (Sun) Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration 2012

Harvest for Love, Sustain for Tomorrow. Come and join the 40th Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration in October! Every year at the Asian Rural Institute, we celebrate two days  of thanksgiving for a abundant harvest of rice, crops, animals and learnings! We will celebrate with meals made from organic farm products, songs and dance performances by our international community members, bazaar booths, games for kids, traditional handicrafts from all over the world, and many other exciting things! This year will be the first time for the HTC to take place in our new classroom and dining hall buildings, standing as symbols for reconstruction after the 2011 disaster. . Time:  09:30 Opening Service, … Read more…

Dr. Takami to join the 40th anniversary celebration of Shapla Neer

Founder of ARI, Dr. Toshihiro Takami has been invited to celebrate the birth of the non-profit organization Shapla Neer at the Waseda Houshi-En in Tokyo, on September 1 (Sat). Dr. Takami was the leader of the former Help Bangladesh Comittee which preceded Shapla Neer in 1972. Details on the program can be found on Shaplaneer’s website (Japanese only): http://www.shaplaneer.org/news/2012/08/40thsymposium.html

Sep 15 (Sat) Tsunagaru Fleamarket & Book Market

With Café, Fleamarket, Used Book Market, Music Performances Be invited to the Nasu Seminar House near ARI to a full variety of programs! The popular Tsunagaru Fleamarket offers toys, traditional handicrafts, clothes, and even pastries and groceries from local producers in a relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy international music performances, while having a cup of Philippine fair trade coffee after you had a delicious meal made from organic food. What’s more, there is a used book drive with thousands of books and a movie screening to make you have a fun day at ARI! . Old Book Market: Our used book drive offers a ride range of genres: Literature, history … Read more…

Urgent notice from the ABC: Chitake mushrooms’ radiation top 3,700 Bq/kg

The ABC (ARI Becquerel Center) has found a very high amount of radioactive contamination in a mushroom variety called ‘chitake‘  (other names are ‘chichitake’ or ‘Lactarius volemus’) when measuring samples on August 3. The said mushrooms were collected at Terako in Nasushiobara City and showed a measurement result of 3,765 Becquerel per kilogram. Other mushroom varieties have shown high contamination before, but this is the highest result that we has do far. The ABC recommends to have mushrooms collected in the wild undergo measurements.

Sep 11 (Sat) “Green Oil Project” information exchange meeting

The Green Oil Project General Corporation is a project that aims to rebuild the local agriculture through the non-agrochemical cultivation of “soy beans, sunflowers and rapeseeds” on farm land contaminated by radiation, the production and wide sales of vegetable oil from these plants, and citizens’ involvement in organic farming, while at the same time it works towards the radioactive decontamination of the Tochigi region. For this purpose, we propose various undertakings starting with the production and collection of oil crops, oil expression and sales, and the development of technologies and measurements for radioactive decontamination. Presently, the NPO Private Rice Research Center with the coorporation of many local supporters and consumers … Read more…

Dr. Takami to receive Yale Divinity School Alumni Award

The Yale Divinity School at Yale University, USA has decided to honor the founder of ARI, Dr. Toshihiro Takami, with its 2012 Alumni Award. The award will be presented later this year at an official ceremony on October 25 and 26 for which purpose Dr. Takami will travel to the United States. He is one of four recipients this year. For more information see the official website of Yale Divinity school: 2012 Alumni Warad Recipients

Notice on the radiation situation of ARI

We are receiving numerous inquiries concerning the radioactive contamination of the Asian Rural institute from individuals and groups interested in visiting us. We hope the summary of our situation (as of June 2012) below will serve as a reference. 1) How high is the radioactivity in the air at ARI? We are continuing radiation measurements of six defined outdoor points on our campus. Since February 2012 the measurement results have been even. The average amounts to about 0.2 – 0.4 μsv/hour outdoors and 0.08 – 0.17μsv/ hour indoors. Suppose you worked a maximum time of 7.5 hours outdoors and spent the rest of the day (16.5 hours) indoors your daily … Read more…