Support ARI!

We Need Your Help in International Cooperation!

ARI has been maintained through generous assistance and donations by supporting organizations and individuals from all over the world. It is a duly registered private school, but it is also one of the oldest NGOs in Japan. Thus we rely on outside funds as we do not receive support from the Japanese government.

There is always a need for material and financial support. Your contribution to ARI will help rural people in developing countries to greatly improve their lives.


7 Ways you can support ARI

There are many ways to support and connect with ARI. Here is what you can do:

1) Make a donation and/or become a supporter!

a) If you live in Japan, you can donate Yen via credit card from our Japanese website, or send your gift to one of our banks. Those residing in Japan can also become an official supporter by donating monthly or yearly. More information on “Donate from Japan“.

b) If you live outside Japan, there are several ways to contribute financially. You might also consider membership at the American Friends of ARI (AFARI), or the European Friends of ARI (EFARI). More information on “Donate from overseas“.

2) Send needed materials

We collect goods and services for using on campus as well as for reselling at bazaars and ARI events as income generation. More information on this is on our page “Donate goods and services“.

3) Keep yourself updated!

a) Connect to social media

You can connect to us through Facebook, by liking our Offical ARI Facebook page, as well as the unofficial ARI community group page.

b) Receive our English newsletter

We publish a English newsletter “Take My Hand” twice a year, with articles on our participants, graduates and latest activities. Please write us at (Attn: Ms. Kathleen Froede) to subscribe for a physical copy.

4) Visit us!

We are happy to show you around the campus and welcome you to share work, meals and talks. Find out more about conditions on our “Experience!” page.

a) Come as a Working Visitor for a short stay (up to 2 months)

b) Do a Work Study camp at ARI with a group of people!

5) Volunteer for ARI

With the ARI farm, offices and the kitchen there is always a lot to do and a lot to share. To help our organization’s running we welcome volunteers from many different countries to our campus. Why don’t you join for a couple of months? More info on the “Volunteer” page.

6) Take part in events!

Throughout the year, we carry out various events on our campus: Fleamarkets, used book drives, and above all the annual Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration. If you are residing in Japan, why don’t you have a look at our “Upcoming Events” page to see what’s planned. You are very much invited to join!

7) Buy ARI products!

If you are in Japan, you can buy our farm products such as eggs, cookies, jam, soy sauce, Japanese noodles, as well as traditional crafts and fair trade products from around the world…

a) There is an ARI Shop on our campus that is opened from 09:00 ~ 17:30.

b) You can purchase products through our Online Shop (Japan only).