Donate from overseas

If you happen to live outside of Japan there are several ways to contribute financially to ARI.

If you live in the US

On-line or send checks to AFARI (American Friends of Asian Rural Institute)

US citizens may make tax deductible gifts to ARI through AFARI (the American Friends of ARI).

American Friends of ARI (AFARI)
c/o J.B. Hoover, Executive Director
1121 N 94th St.
Seattle, WA 98103-3305

or donate online through AFARI’s page:

Wy don’t you join the American Friends of ARI?

There is no membership fee, but members can channel contributions through AFARI, which is registered as a non-profit organization (501 (c)(3)) in the state of Connecticut. In the USA, and for American citizens living anywhere in the world, donations made through AFARI are tax deductible.

Other countries

Canadian citizens can make tax deductible donation to the United Church of Canada to support ARI. Cheques payable to the United Church of Canada should be sent to:

United Church of Canada
Partners in Mission Unit
3250 Bloor St. W.
Etobicoke, ON M8X 2Y4
Attn: Pat Elson
(Please designate “ARI” on the cheque)

German citizens may make a tax deductible contribution through the European Friends of ARI.
See website:

Dutch citizens can contact our long-year supporter in the Netherlands:

         Mr. Eimert van Herwijenen
E-mail :