Donate goods & services

We are accepting donations of goods and services for use on the campus as well as for sales. The proceeds support the schooling fees of our participants from rural communities around the world.

Items for the Bazaar

The Asian Rural Institute’s Supporters Association will be collecting item donations for the bazaars they put on at the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival and at the ARI flea markets. These bazaars are held with the intention of putting the proceeds towards Rural Leaders’ scholarships. Therefore, if your family or organization has any of the following items and are not using them, we would appreciate you donating them.

Requested items: 

New bags, towels, daily necessities, stationary, handicrafts, toys, kitchenware, gift certificates, canned goods, carbonated drinks, alcohol, gifts, furniture, home décor, electronics, audio-visual goods, household goods, tools, potted plants, gardening items, etc.
 (Please avoid plastic dishes.)

*We are temporarily not accepting clothes and shoes.

Used Stamps

We are collecting used stamps for reselling. The postmark on the stamp is not required, so you may cut it, however, to avoid damaging the stamps themselves, please leave around 5 mm to 1 cm of space around the stamps when cutting them out. Please separate the stamps between Japanese and foreign stamps, and used and unused stamps. The stamps are traded in based on weight, so there is no need to count them.

Domestic Gift Certificates, Book Cards, Unused Telephone Cards

We accept gift certificates usable anywhere in Japan, beer coupons, department store coupons, travel vouchers, restaurant gift certificates, book coupons, book cards, rice coupons, etc.
 We now only accept unused Japanese telephone cards, and can no longer accept used telephone cards.

Foreign Currency and old Japanese Coins

Any currency from any country, be it coins or paper money, is acceptable. We can also accept old Japanese coins.

Delta Air Lines Miles

IIf you have traveled on Delta Airlines since March 2011 or have booked a flight on Delta for the future, you can help out ARI, and it does not require any money or Frequent Flier Miles. All you have to do is send AFARI (American Friends of ARI) your ticket number (it should begin with the numbers 006 and is different from your flight number). AFARI can get Skybonus milieage credit for this AND you will still receive all of your Frequent Flier miles as usual. Other participating airlines are: Air France, KLM and Alitalia. Your ticket number will appear on your boarding pass or credit card statement.

You may send your ticket number;

by email to –
by post to – 1121A N 94th St., Seattle, WA 98103
or call them in to – 206-523-5327

This system has helped greatly in supporting ARI Participants with flight tickets!