Kisimbiri Singoro

Faith Kenya was established in 1996 by ARI graduate Wenslause Mukhwana because he wanted to work closer with the people at the grassroots within his own community. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly in 2009, while Kisi was still in Japan. Upon his return, Kisi took up the reigns, but was soon hit with another devastating blow when his wife, and active member of their farming group, also died.

Moe Koyama

Name: Moe Koyama ARI Name: Moe Year at ARI: 2009, 2010 (as Graduate Intern) Country: Japan  Moe was born and raised in Osaka, Japan’s second largest city. As a college student, she began to feel something “not comfortable in my heart” but did not know its cause. On a visit to Thailand, she witnessed for the first time the extremes of city and country life. The darker side of Bangkok revealed “go-go bars,” where young women, usually from rural backgrounds, sold their bodies. She met children with HIV and saw how people lived in urban slums. After this, she went to a Karen village in the mountains near the Myanmar border. The lives … Read more…

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