ARI is a unique school in which participants, volunteers and staff members from about 20 different countries learn and live together. Every day, we share our labor, meals and laughter in order to grow mutual understanding and dedication towards rural lifestyle. You are very welcome to join this ARI experience as a visitor or volunteer!

Even if you can only make it for part of the day, we would be delighted to share our food and talk with you. Please call in advance so we can make sure to set up a tour for you. Visitors who stay for a meal are asked to pay 500 yen for breakfast, lunch or supper.

We ask for visitors to try not to schedule a trip to our campus during the month of April when our new participants from overseas are getting adjusted to campus and the training program.

As an individual

  • If you feel that you want to work and live together with people from many different countries AND want to stay less than 60 days, why don’t you come to work at ARI as a Working Visitor?

  • For people who want to stay more than 60 days, please visit the Volunteer! section of our homepage.

As a group

We welcome groups from schools, churches, and others. Please see our Study Camp page for more information.