Volunteer at ARI!

Due to the unexpected circumstances which have arisen around the Novel Coronavirus, it was decided to temporarily stop receiving visitors, however, we will once again be receiving visitors from the dates shown below.

Those residing in Tochigi Prefecture: June 15~

Those residing outside of Tochigi Prefecture: July 1~

If you feel that you want to work and live together with people from many different countries, why don’t you come to work at ARI as a volunteer?

We need your talents, skills, songs, thoughts, laughter, and hard work. So please come and join us in our pursuit to build an environmentally healthy, just and peaceful world.


Volunteers are an integral part of the ARI community, growing and working alongside our participants and staff. There are usually ten to twelve volunteers from Japan and around the globe who live and work at ARI for 60 days up to one year. Christian in inspiration but ecumenical in practice, ARI welcomes people of all faiths, races, classes and professions to learn and work together.

If you are not able to make such a long commitment there are many additional opportunities to come serve at ARI.  We also have volunteers to help with special events, such as the Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration each year. ARI is always looking for commuting volunteers from within Japan, where caring individuals donate their talents in their free time.