What Volunteers do

Volunteers assist with the ARI training program in many ways. Volunteers may request to work in certain areas and may change working sections from time to time, but will be assigned to a job that fulfills the current needs of ARI and best supports the training program. Work assignments are often determined by previous experience or skills of the volunteer, but people of all walks of life are welcomed.

Some specific working sections available to volunteers include livestock, crops and vegetables, office work, meal service preparation and food processing.


Livestock volunteers will help care for all animals at ARI. Volunteers may be asked to assist in the ig, Poultry or Fish sections. The pig section helps rear around 10 to 20 pigs at any time for meat and additionally produces biogas. Chickens, ducks and rabbits are part of the poultry section. ARI can produce as many as 500 chicken eggs a day and livestock volunteers help in both caretaking of the animals and preparing eggs for market and daily meals.

Crops and Vegetables
Volunteers in Crops and Vegetables spend their day on the farm and help produce all vegetables consumed at ARI. There are over 60 different varieties of vegetables at ARI and we produce around 8 tons of rice and about 2 tons of wheat a year. We also sell vegetables in our shop and in local fairs and bazaars.

Meal Service
ARI produces around 90% of all the food consumed on campus. Meal Service workers help prepare healthy and simple meals for up to 60 people or more a day. Every menu includes a wide variety of tastes and Meal Service staff gets a chance to learn different cooking techniques, by preparing food with people from all over the world.

Food Processing
Food Processing volunteers help prepare foods for sale made from ingredients harvested at ARI. This section not only generates a small income for ARI but also allows us to share our vision of sustainable and organic agriculture with many people. The type of food products will vary due to availability, but we regularly make bread, jam, cookies, soybean processed foods and dried vegetables.

Office Work
Volunteers working in the office may be assigned to a specific section but may have a variety of tasks. Some sections include Admissions, Ecumenical Relations, Public Relations, Computer System Administration and the Library. Office assignments are usually appointed with regard to previous work experience or specialized skills.

We are always looking for people with experience working in livestock, crops and vegetables, and meal service. However we are also constantly in need of people with other additional talents such as:

– light maintenance
– mechanics and small engine repair
– carpentry
– computer systems
– musical ability
– photography and all art
– medical knowledge
– cooking
– gardening
– cleaning and organization skills
– desktop publishing (Illustrator)
– website management