Long Term Volunteer

Long-Term Volunteers are an integral part of the ARI community. There are usually ten to twelve volunteers from Japan and around the globe who live andwork at ARI for 60 days up to one year.

Our dedicated volunteers who live and work at ARI serve to support the training of our rural leaders. They live simply and work humbly, but find great rewards in their time at ARI. Their hard work offers volunteers a chance to grow as individuals, as leaders and as valuable community members.

We ask that volunteers be ready for challenges and physically demanding work. Volunteers work from 6:30 in the morning and often work on Saturday mornings, living within a diverse community, serving in a purely supportive role, often putting the needs of others before themselves.

Despite all the hard work, volunteers also have a lot of fun. Volunteers make lasting friendships and have a large impact on our international community. For every hardship here we have twice as much joy.

So far, we had volunteers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Singapore and other countries. Their age varies from 18 (required) to over 70.

What kind of work do volunteers do?
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ARI will pay the cost of boarding in a double occupancy dormitory room for all volunteers staying over 60 days. Housing for married couples or those with children may be available on request. We ask that volunteers spend their early months living on campus, but if you would prefer an off-campus housing arrangement, ARI will assist you in finding something suitable that fits your budget.

We ask that volunteers contribute 30,000 yen per month to cover their food costs. This fee can be waived if necessary. Volunteers are also expected to provide their own lunch on Sundays.

Transportation costs are paid for by the volunteer. Please budget around 5,500 yen for a one-way trip to Narita Airport. For 1,000 yen deposit you can rent a bicycle at ARI for local transportation, and local trains and buses are easily available. The closest train station is approximately 15 minutes by bicycle.

How to apply

Please contact us for a volunteer application at ecu@ari-edu.org. You will need to provide a completed application form, a letter of recommendation, a health certificate and one passport photograph.

ARI does not provide visa support for volunteers and you will be required to obtain a proper visa on your own. To that end, we recommend that volunteers looking to serve for an extended period travel to ARI with the support of another organization, such as with your church or through a college program. This will ensure that you have sufficient support during your stay at ARI.

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ARI Volunteer Brochure